UbitX ver 4 Audio amlifire and Tx popfix plus S-meter sensor PCB

I have ubitX ver3 working well with SSB and Digital mods
Just now om Farhan released ver 4 circuit with new transistorised audio amplifire and Tx popfix
circuit,and mods in Rf PA,

I decided to apply audio amp and popfix mod to my ver 3 pcb,and also want to upgrade software
ver 1.08 wirh S-meter and 4line LCD display by KD8CEC

So decided to design pcb for this 3 modifications in one,which is easy to fix on ver 3 pcb
here is some pictures and all details to connect new  small pcb to original ver 3 ubitx
Pcb design with sprint layout and will shortly upload all pcb files to FB bitx groups

all original Ideas from Om Farhanji and Mr Lee(KD8CEC), I just design pcb to use it
Tkanks to both
popfix working fine no click from speaker

S-meter sensor circuit working fine ,s-meter tune with ubitx manager ver 1.081
 my setup sample value are as 125  128  130  134 140  158  188  223

its very simple to apply this pcb to main ubi…

Digital Interface for PSK,Echolink, Rtty

Hear is some more photo of my antenna Rot. controller
also view in U tube at

Here is my new project Antenna Rotator controller
This project based on PIC 16F877A
Some detail  of project
1. 16 led direction indicator
2. 16*2 lcd display to show 0-360 degree antenna position and 0-360 degree Target position
3. Manual CW / CCW  switch
4 Auto limit stop on 0  and 360 degree
5 16 position on lcd
6. Motor CW/ CCW run led indicator
7. 7  For video go to
8. for detail mail me